My Story

Hi, my name is Rebecca Woodin. I am a stay-at-home-mom to 6 year old daughter, Annaleigh, 4 year old son, Austin, and 2 year old Aria, and a loving, supporting wife to my Soldier who serves in the U.S. Army! I am 28 years young, with many to go!
I started selling Scentsy after I attended a party and became instantly hooked! I figured it was a win-win situation, I can earn a little spending money and still get to stay home with my babies! It has enabled us to have the extras we never thought we could!

When we moved from MO to GA, to Germany, to MO... it was easy to pack up and move my job, no searching, no classified ads, just post asking for parties, talking to my neighbors and new friends... and it sells itself! I love how I can work and not need a sitter; I take my kiddos to my parties and events if I want, and usually I do haha.

Contact me to get started on earning your way to bigger and better! <!--endbody-->